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bilbo + outfits 


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Dean O'Gorman as Darek in "The Legend of William Tell"

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instead of a coffee shop au consider instead a hell’s kitchen au and let me explain u why:

  • ur otp has to live in close quarters in the dorms
  • making out in the pantry
  • gordon ramsay
  • sexual tension at the fish station
  • unfriendly competition
  • gordon ramsay
  • s a b o t a g e
  • if they win the challenges they get to go on neat day trips together
  • if they lose the challenges they have to do manual labor
  • think of the possibilities this presents
  • !!!!!
  • gordon ramsay
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BTS - The Battle Of Five Armies (Empire Magazine)

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Pacific Rim B-Movie style poster

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fuckyeahjeremyclarkson replied to your photoset “Fili’s new outfit appreciation”

So I’m not the only one getting the Boromir vibe and getting all whimpery about it? Thank goodness I’m not alone.

no my friend, you’re not alone. let’s cry over these elder brothers together


Where does your journey end? 

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